Camp City | The Winter Weather Forecast

Photo: Aleksander Rubtsov (Getty).

The end of the year is near and the winter weather forecast is in (and it’s cold), but we still have the opportunity to get outdoors one last time. Hopefully your friends & family stuck to that wish list and you got all kinds of camp friendly goods to take out to the woods. If not, there’s a reason why you got so many gift cards. Buy yourself what you want (and need)!

Let us help in suggesting some winter-ready camping products to make your last 2015 camp adventure a success. What does it include? You will definitely need a self-inflating sleeping pad. Why is it key? Because without it, that ice cold ground is just a little too close for comfort. While we’re on the floor, let’s also stack on a super high tech sleeping bag, like this one by Mountain Hardware.

All these goods are manufactured with outdoor terrain and icy temperatures in mind. But good news, they’re so stylish, like this Ultra Light down hooded jacket by REI, that you’ll probably want to give them some use in the city as well.