Start With This | 10. Deep x Timberland Duck Hunt Boot

Taking the duck hunt reference in the only fitting way possible, we are immediately transformed to one place: the ultimate video game from 1984. (Granted we only started playing a few years after that, proving a classic is a classic.)

The team at 10. Deep clearly also has a fondness for NES retro magic as they recently teamed up with Timberland to create the Duck Hunt Boot. The stylish footwear has a moccasin feel (worn-in suede will do that), along with grey-scale camo inset fabric & a dulled hunter orange on the tongue. But, pardon our manners, that dulled orange is actually 3M reflective material. 

What all this means is that for the conservative price of $180 you can not only get yourself some rugged boots, but footwear art to be the envy of your friends. Start with this: the 10. Deep x Timberland Duck Hunt Boot, and we’ll help you round out the look with cozy knits, stylish accessories and sleek shades.