Start With This | Neuw Denim Berlin Leather Jacket

Nail Fall in style with the Neuw Denim Black Leather Jacket. With statement outerwear like this, tone down the rest, or you may risk looking a little Danny Zuco. The more worn in this piece is the better it will get. Don’t save it for the holiday party or the fancy cocktail hour, instead wear it everywhere. With some age, grit and imperfections, a staple leather jacket like this one, will only get better with age.

As for the rest, keep it simple. Solids are good, but plaids are always a laid back win. Good jeans are a must, and grab that wool beanie, because it looks equally good in your back pocket as on your head. Then, since in most parts of the country it hasn’t snowed yet, pair it all with sneakers. Relish in the mild fall.