Tech Spin | The Oreck Magnesium RS

Let’s face it, vacuuming isn’t the most desirable of domestic tasks, but if you ever want to get laid, or just maintain a healthy relationship with a roomie or significant other, it’s definitely one of the most important. Vacuuming reduces dust, pet dander, and other allergens, improves air quality, and generally helps project a positive sense of cleanliness. 

With all the variations in design, however, picking the right vacuum can be a tricky decision: there are upright vacs and canister vacs, bagged and bagless, electric and battery-operated. Ultimately, choosing the right one depends on your home’s floor-to-carpet-to-rug ratio, which will help determine how much power and versatility you need, and what you’re willing to spend for it. 

Generally speaking, while bagless canister vacuums – with their long wands and smaller, lighter motor and receptacle components – are considered lighter and more versatile, upright bagged vacuums usually have more power and are thus appropriate for heavily carpeted domiciles. 

The Oreck® Magnesium® RS is a notable entry in the field. Weighing around 8 pounds, it’s an especially light electric upright with a low-profile and swiveling head, allowing for easy carrying up and down stairs, and agile maneuvering around and beneath furniture. Its power station is built into the handle rather than the head, which is convenient, as it’s always annoying trying power on and off with your foot.


Now, when Oreck claims the Magnesium is “so powerful it feels self-propelled,” they’re actually not kidding. The Magnesium’s two-speed “Quickswitch” has two power levels: turn this puppy on low and without any help it begins to smoothly glide across the hardwood floor. Turn it on high and put some elbow into it, and all that fine pet hair meshed into your carpet gets sucked up immediately. 

Other key features include disposable HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) bags that capture 99.97% of particles like pollen and mold spores, sturdy side brushes on the vacuum head for cleaning up against baseboards and edges, and not least of all, some neat styling – the Oreck Magnesium RS comes in bright blue and is equipped with LED headlights and an easy to wrap-and-snap cord slip, all for an original retail price of $599.99.

Yes dudes, this price might seem a bit steep (it’s actually comparable to other models, and good deals can be found on Amazon and Canada Tire for around $370.00), but so are the social consequences of living in a pigsty!