All About M.E. | Denim Jackets

Photo: Luca Sage (Getty)

It’s finally that time of the year where it’s okay to watch a horror movie everyday, drink endless amounts of espresso, and eat carbs galore. Part ways with your tank tops and beloved flip-flops, and embrace the cold front that is nearing.

No, it’s not exactly freezing, but it’s not “the dog days of summer.” As the leaves begin to turn and the wind brushes them off tree limbs, every guy needs a go-to jacket. More specifically, every guy needs a denim jacket – the ultimate Fall necessity that can be integrated flawlessly with everything.

Spawning from late 19th-century Japan, and popularized in large part by Levi’s Type I jacket in the early 1900s, this classic piece has endured decades of fades and trends. Icons like Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley, Robert Redford, and countless others embraced this jacket and made it their own.

Beyond the indigo-dyed fabric, the denim jacket can be customized to your attitude and style. Keep it rugged with distressed dark denim, make it cozy with a crewneck sweater, or dress it up with a fitted oxford. With brands like Acne, J.Crew, Levi’s, Nudie, ASOS, and others, you will find this essential item without seriously breaking the bank.


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