Denim Jackets for Men

Nothing says classic, rugged Americana like denim jackets. Denim jackets have been around as long as the denim pants but some men avoid them in fear of going full Texas Tuxedo in what is arguably one of the biggest style don’ts. But with a few helpful tips, there’s no reason to avoid the denim jacket any longer.

The jackets come in a variety of washes, cuts, and distressing just like your favorite pair of jeans. Finding what works for you all boils down to personal preference.

Denim jackets come in every shade under the sun – from the lightest of lights to practically black. You’ll even find colored denim jackets if you’re looking to really add a bit of daring fashion to your wardrobe. Light wash denim will naturally come across as more casual, while darker wash denim looks a bit more refined.

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The distressing of the denim will determine the situation in which it should be worn. Jackets come with everything from no distressing for a clean and crisp look, to heavily distressed for a more well-worn look, like the jacket has been in your family for generations. Brand new denim jackets are often lightly distressed around the shoulders and other areas to give it a vintage worn-in appearance.

When it comes to denim jacket fashion, creating a look is entirely dependent on your fashion. The jacket can be an integral part of any man’s style sense. Knowing how to wear it can be a bit more difficult for men who are used to wearing denim pants regularly. Allow us to educate you in the ways of denim jacket fashion.

Style Guide: Denim Jackets for Men

Keep It Cotton

When looking to pair your denim jacket with other items, look towards the basics. The cotton nature of denim allows it to pair well with other cotton articles. A crisp, clean t-shirt gives a jacket a classic look. A cotton oxford shirt will play to preppy fashion. Cotton pants can include just about anything, including khakis, chinos, and corduroys.

Keep It Contrasted

Believe it or not, you can actually pair a denim jacket with denim pants. The secret lies in the contrast. If you pair a jacket with pants that are too similar in wash and distressing, you’re bound to look like you’ve been shopping at the local Ranch Hand Depot. Instead, choose options that contrast each other. A dark wash jacket can be paired with lighter jeans and a lighter jacket can be paired with darker jeans.

Keep It Bold

If you’re willing to make bold fashion choices, denim jackets should be right up your alley. You can pair your denim jacket with bold colors and unique shoe choices to keep the attention where you want it most. The simplistic denim jacket will help draw attention to the bold statement item of your choice.

Keep It Neutral

If all else fails, look towards neutral basics to pair with your denim jacket. Whites, grays, and tans pair nicely with denim of all shades. If you’re having difficulty making selections to match with your new denim jacket, fall back on classics that will help balance your look.

Denim jackets for men can add an extra touch to mostly any casual outfit. Give it a try and you may just find your new favorite statement piece.