Best Designer Jean Brands 2015

Year after year we see some of the best designer jean brands rise into the limelight in the fashion world and take the world by storm. This year is no different, and in a minute we’ll talk about just a few of these manufacturers making a splash in the men’s designer jean market.

In the world of quality denim, we know that we’re not going to find what we’re looking for in the typical department stores. Instead, you’ll want to target smaller boutique denim operations or men’s specialty stores (not big box stores) that specialize in all things fashionable, trendy, and/or high in quality without a lot of fanfare.

You see, the jeans you should be buying are rarely the ones you actually are, and most of this is due to a lack of consumer understanding of what a quality pair of jeans looks like, feels like, and how they fit. We’re so enamored with 2 for 1 back to school sales, and the latest Levi’s add that few of us actually know what a quality pair of designer jeans looks like.

So, grab your wallets, strap on your boots, and let’s get this denim party started.

Best Designer Jean Brands for Men

Nudie Jeans Co

While others on this list are relatively new, Nudie Jeans Co has been around since the late 90s (a lifetime in the world of fashion) and they take an ethical approach to manufacturing that you just won’t find with most mass-producing brands. In addition, the designs are attractive, the denim is of a high quality, and the company is extremely environmentally friendly. In fact, they are able to boast that they are one of only a handful of denim manufacturers that is 100-percent organic, and they even offer complimentary repairs where customers can send in their old Nudie Jeans for repair, for free.

Additionally, the company is completely transparent with customers and even offers their own production guide to shed light on how the produce is created, and offer up the consumer bits of insight into what makes Nudie a responsible, and fashionable denim manufacturer.


Johan Lindenberg, previously the CEO of another premium denim brand – Diesel – and the personal stylist to none other than Justin Timberlake is the brainchild behind this fantastic Swedish brand (keep that in mind, as a lot of quality denim is coming out of Sweden these days).

The jeans themselves are equally appealing to the 70s rocker as they are to the 90s punk, and even the current hipster. The designs are rooted in classic glam rock style, but with an emphasis on modern day Manhattan rather than the Seattle rock scene.

J Brand

If you can’t seem to curb your skinny jean habit, J Brand is probably the brand for you. This Los Angeles-based manufacturer is known for premium denim that features mainly straight cut legs that tend to be slimmer fitting but with an edge that’s rarely found in the skinny jean market. In fact, the company recently brought in an icon in the denim world, Francois Girbaud – affectionately known as the Godfather of Denim – to keep them on the right side of fashion trends and to help take this upstart denim brand to the next level.

No matter which of these designer jean brands you choose, you can’t really go wrong when you buy your denim from leaders in the men’s denim industry, such as these. What awaits you is a fit and level of comfort like no other as well as a quality guarantee that your pair of Arizona jeans from JC Penny just aren’t going to match.

Once you give some of the best designer jean brands a try, you’ll be hard-pressed to ever go back to subpar jeans again. Trust us.