Sydney Identity Fined For Calling Tony Abbott C-Bomb, Internet Crowdfunds The Fee

Local Sydney legend and bringer of the good vibes to hundreds of commuters each day Danny Lim has felt both the hard hand of the law and the surprising support of the internet, all in one day.

The colourful character, known for his hilarious sandwich boards which promote peace, leave and unity and the odd stab at Australian Prime Minister and noted d-bag Tony Abbott, was fined yesterday by police for a sign which called our evil overlord the c-word.

Within hours however, not one but TWO seperate crowdfunding attempts were set up to help Lim pay the $500 fee, both succeeding to raise the dollar amount before the end of the day.

Danny Lim with the offending sign (left) and another version (right).

Danny Lim with the offending sign (left) and another version (right).

Radio host and founder of the DIY Rainbow movement James Brechney was one of the instigators of the internet campaign, who went out to tell Danny the good news, posting this video to his Facebook page this morning.

Words of wisdom! A video message from Danny Lim who was fined $500 for his sign. "I thank you from the bottom of my heart.""I thank Australia for giving me the chance to be here.""You, you and everyone – you can do something!""I said I will pay, If I have to pay. You can garnish it from my pension.""Whatever I did, if I made a mistake, I try to rectify it.""Where are we going, are we going back to the dark ages?"

Posted by DIY Rainbow on Monday, 24 August 2015

 You can keep up to date with Danny’s ongoing campaign of bringing smiles to Sydney streets on his Facebook page here.