Sports Watches and Fitness Trackers

Guys in need of some technological assistance in the pursuit of better health and improved physique have two options: the classic sports watch or the trendy fitness tracker. The differences between the two are simple and obvious. Quality sports watches can be found for under $100 but have limits to data collection and display abilities. Good fitness trackers are likely listed over the three-figure mark, but provide enormous amounts of information and motivational options to the user.

In need of some help narrowing down choices in sport watches? Can’t figure out what are the best fitness trackers? Here are the three best of both categories, as far as price, customer reviews, and reputation are concerned:

Best Sports Watches

PUMA Slide ($50.00)


Photo: Amazon

Although this model is technically categorized under sport watches for men, the color and size variety make it the best unisex sports watch on the market. Includes alarm, countdown timer, date chronographs, and lap counter – the fundamentals of a good sports watch – without an inflated price.

Timex Ironman Traditional ($53.00)


Photo: Ironman Store

The name says it all, as this model sports watch features the classic digital watch face and case. Additional features include 30-lap memory recall, 100-lap chronograph plus split times, and water resistance for snorkeling and swimming. Not for anyone looking for flair to their wear, as turtle-green is the only color available.

Casio G-Shock Rescue ($99.00)


Photo: Evo

Double the flash for double the cash is a good way to sum up this boldly red, highly popular model from Casio. In addition to the usual lap time tracker, chronograph, and defining shock-proof design, the G-Shock also provides wearers with lunar and tidal data.

Best Fitness Trackers

Fitbit Flex ($99.95)


Image: Sincerelykenz

One of the most widely selling fitness trackers on the market, the Fitbit Flex can be fitted with a rainbow of band color options and syncs to desktop computers and over 150 leading smartphones. Absent a display, it’s through these additional technologies where users keep track of steps, distance, calories burned, and schedule alarms and sleep monitors.

Jawbone UP3 ($179.99)


Photo: Jawbone

Fitness trackers designed by Jawbone are designed with a focus on providing users with personalized insights based on monitored activity. Everything from soccer to swimming can be tracked. Food intake is also monitored.

Fitbit Surge ($249.95)


Image: Fitbit

The top of the line of Fitbit fitness trackers, the Surge is in many ways the ideal hybrid of sports watches and fitness trackers. Fitted with an easy to read display, the Surge uses GPS to know the user’s elevation, distance travelled, and speed. This model also provides a daily summary of activity and forwards text and phone call alerts to the user.

Whether it’s a sports watch or fitness tracker, guys looking for a little help with getting into shape want something that works for a reasonable price. Putting the sneakers to pavement is ultimately up to the user to accomplish, but counting on something to count those steps is important too if it’s the motivation critical for getting the job done.