Pocket Watches To Go With Every Outfit

Once upon a time there was just one kind of watch. The pocket watch. Times have changed, technology and fashion inherently too. You might think the pocket watch outdated; appropriate only for steampunk cosplay and men over 70. But you’d be wrong if you did. It turns out it’s all about the right choice in pocket watch. Specifically, choosing one that can go with more than just suit vests and monocles.

Maybe you don’t even know how to wear a pocket watch outside of dress rehearsal, in which case we’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s self-explanatory. Here are the best choices in universally-styled men’s timepieces sold by top pocket watch brands (under $500):

Regent Hills Vintage Silver Mechanical Full Hunter (listed $125.00)


Simplicity is the key to good fashion. It can also be the key to good bargains. This pocket watch represents both with a chrome finish on brass case and curb chain. The face is white with black roman numerals orbiting a look into the fully-jeweled works. Ideal for guys with shallow pockets but deep fashion sense.

Charles-Hubert, Paris Stainless Steel Quartz (listed $164.95)


Made by one of the more popular pocket watch manufacturers, this is a slightly fancier upgrade from the previous model with distinct features. One is the brand design subtly engraved on the stainless steel case. The other is the black background on the face overlaid by white numbers – a nifty switch on the standard.

Charles-Hubert, Paris Gold-Plated Satin Finish Mechanical Double Hunter (listed $384.95)


It was hard including a gold-colored pocket watch on this list because it’s not a metal that goes well with the majority of fashion. However the satin finish of this option helps to make it compatible with a wider range of clothing choices. The double hunter offers a glimpse of the mechanics on one side and the cleanly-set dial on the other.

Steinhausen Tasche Mechanical (listed $475.00)


An elegant but simple brushed stainless steel case makes for a timepiece suited for just about any outfit, from denim and polo to suit and tie. The face design consists of roman numerals revolving around the impressively crafted mechanics. It’s a little fancier on the inside than one would expect from the outside, which could be good or bad depending on your tastes.

Gotham Silver-Satin Finish Mechanical Double Hunter (listed $595.00)


You might be thinking this defies the predetermined price range, and you’d be mostly right. However it’s easy to find this matte, scratch-resistant pocket watch for just over $200, well below its list price. Open it up and you’ll find blue hands moving within roman numerals. Open the other side to see the finely made works, which look a little more manly than the design of the similar looking Steinhausen option.

The pocket watch is a time-tested piece of technology still suited for 21st century fashion. However it’s not without a little careful consideration in the choice of pocket watch. Unless it’s a family heirloom, avoid anything too fancy. It’s also probably not worth it to sink a whole paycheck into one, unless it’s especially made with wear in mind. Silver and steel goes best with the most, but the right gold pocket watch can work too. Other than that, just make sure it accurately tells time and you’re good to go – to more than just the Victorian Era.

Photos: Amazon