All About Denim: Loose Fit Jeans

Shopping for jeans is probably the last thing you want to do with your free time but it’s best to go into the situation informed. With all of the washes, fits, and styles, not every jean will work for every body type. The comfy casual style called loose fit is among the most confusing of them all.

The Fit: Loose Fit Jeans

If you’re looking for clothing that’ll show off your shape, these are not the jeans for you. Their overall relaxed fit doesn’t hug the body in any one place. The jeans are generally loose around the seat and thigh and generally continue down the leg with a similar shape.

The overall looseness of the jeans allows them to flow away from the body, providing a little more breathing space while leaving a bit more room for mystery. But their general shapeless nature is not always alluring.

Men with a larger build may benefit from loose fit jeans, but those with a slimmer shape may find the cut to feel a bit unflattering unless they’re going for a baggier look. They’re also great for men who generally just have larger thighs for their build.

Loose Fit vs Relaxed Fit

To complicate the world of fashion further, loose fit jeans are often confused with relaxed fit jeans. Relaxed fit is meant to conform to the body a bit more, but without feeling tight.

When it comes to clothing labeled “loose fit,” buyer beware. The term isn’t universally accepted which means the jeans you love in one brand will look and feel completely different in another brand. While there’s a general parameter of what a loose fit is, brands take liberty in the terminology.

As reluctant as you are to hit up the nearest fitting room, you’ll want to make an informed decision before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

Photo: Getty Images