All About Denim: Boot Cut Jeans

When you were a kid, owning jeans was as simple as putting them on and then trying not to put holes in them in order to avoid the wrath of mom. As an adult, it’s not quite as simple, and while your teenage years were probably spent just buying brands you liked, being an adult is all about understanding fit, denim quality, wash, color and appropriate pairings.

Part of understanding fit is being able to pick out a pair of jeans that are appropriate for their intended use. Today, we’re going to talk about one of these types of denim cuts, the boot cut.

When to Wear Boot Cut Jeans

While boot cut jeans might bring about images of the Marlboro Man, or John Wayne, the reality is that it’s a versatile cut that can be worn just about anywhere.

Boot cut jeans are appropriate for both a night on the town or a weekend working on the ranch. The jeans normally taper – that means narrow for the uninitiated amongst us – at the knee and then slightly flare – or widen – near the bottom of the leg. The flare is intended – you guessed it – to house a boot, but that doesn’t mean you have to be wearing boots to rock a nice pair of boot cut jeans.

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Boot Cut Jeans

Men’s and women’s boot cut jeans are slightly different.

The women’s version is tighter around the knee and then flares out more around the lower leg, while men’s boot cut jeans are generally rather loose and relaxed all the way down. For a visual example, the women’s version looks more like a smaller bell-bottom while the men’s version just looks more like a relaxed fit pair of jeans.

Although many men might purchase these jeans to wear with wider shoes or sneakers, it’s important to understand that all boot cut jeans are not created equal. If you have an intended purpose, such as actually wearing them with boots, it’s probably best to bring this footwear with you (or just wear it) when you try on the jeans – and you must try the jeans on, guys!

The Fit: Boot Cut Jeans

Fit varies across producers, so without trying them on, you’ll never master the art of getting that truly remarkable pair of jeans because you’ll always by based on past purchase history in regards to stated size, rather than how they actually fit.

Those that make the mistake of buying jeans based on stated size rather than actual fit often wind up looking sloppy. Don’t make this mistake!

Photo: Getty Images