Meet Gypsy One, the Beautiful Travel Photographer Who Spends Her Life Behind the Lens


Travel photographer Jenah Yamamoto is proving to be just as popular in front of the lens as she is behind it. Operating under the pseudonym Gypsy One, Jenah’s work mostly consists of photographs of beautiful women standing in idyllic locations which, coincidentally, is exactly the type of images you can expect to see from her own personal Instagram account.

With over 830,000 followers on her own Instagram page and 90,000 followers on her photography page, it’s safe to say that Jenah has built up a respectable following for herself online. The Hawaiian adventurer also documents her experiences on her Tumblr page, highlighting her trips to the far corners of the Earth accompanied by the obligatory smattering of bikini photos.

Take a look through photographs of Jenah and Jenah’s own photos in the gallery below:

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