What Would Happen if Users Designed Their Own Smartphones?


70% of the smartphones in the US are designed and manufactured by just two different companies. That surprising fact is what has inspired MIT Media Lab to create a video positing the question: “What would happen if users designed their own smartphones?” 

While smartphones are designed to grant us more freedom by allowing us to communicate with the outside world with greater ease, in actuality the way we use them and the way they look, feel and function has become restricted over the years as they have become more homogeneous.


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While the likes of the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy 6 certainly cater to the majority with their designs, there are always going to be those who don’t particularly favor thin devices with large screens, and who want a phone that looks completely different to anything that is currently on the market.

MIT Media Labs’ creative video, titled ‘Phone,’ reveals how the world might look if users had the final say over the design of their smartphones, not major corporations. The video, produced in collaboration with m ss ng p eces for MIT’s Knotty Objects Summit, is an attempt to show how the smartphone “lies at the foundation of 21st century human (and non-human) communication,” but how these foundations are being shaped and molded without us even really realizing it.

Watch the video below:

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