Google Investment Magic Leap Could be a Huge Threat to the Microsoft Hololens


While the virtual reality market is swimming in competition, with consumers soon set to have the choice between headsets ranging from the Oculus Rift through to the Project Morpheus, in terms of augmented reality devices only one has stood out from the crowd: Microsoft’s Hololens. But now the Magic Leap has burst onto our radar once again, the Google-backed head-mounted display that originally seemed as though it would work as some form of app for the Google Glass, but is now branching out on its own.

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The conceptual demo video, which you can watch below, caught our attention back in March when it highlighted how the Magic Leap could be utilized in day-to-day life. While we’ve certainly seen onstage demonstrations of the Hololens, there’s nothing quite like showing your potential customers what your product will look like in their hands, and while it cannot be confirmed whether or not the demo video is entirely accurate, it was certainly impressive. 

Now a patent application for the Magic Leap has been revealed by Business Insider, accompanied by a variety of images that highlight the various features of the Magic Leap along with a little look at what the device may look like. 

While information regarding the Magic Leap has always been very thin on the ground, this is certainly the largest amount of information we’ve received thus far, and while the Hololens is still the more exciting prospect by virtue of us having actually seen it in action, if the Magic Leap’s finished product matches its patents and its demo then it could most certainly prove to be a big threat to Microsoft’s augmented reality headset.

Check out the patent illustrations in the gallery below: