97 Percent of Apple Watch Owners are Satisfied with the Wearable


It looks like Apple Watch owners are more than happy with their wearable, as a survey has revealed a 97% satisfaction rating among those who have bought the device.

The survey, conducted by Wristly, highlights how the Apple Watch has a higher customer satisfaction than both the original iPhone and iPad when they first launched, which achieved a 91% and 92% satisfaction rating respectively. This is despite the Watch debuting to mixed reviews, and the general pre-launch consensus that it would prove to be a flop for the company.

We are able to state, with a high degree of confidence, that the Apple Watch is doing extremely well on the key metric of customer satisfaction,” the report states. “This appears to be contrary to speculation from what seems to be a majority of Silicon Valley tech pundits.”

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The survey, which was conducted with the help of over 800 Apple Watch owners, did highlight that many of the Apple Watch owners were “tech insiders,” with 34% of those surveyed labeling themselves as such. 53% considered themselves to be non tech insiders, while 9% were app developers and 4% were investors or members of the media.


It’s not yet known just how well the Apple Watch has sold, though analysts have predicted that due to the relative low cost of manufacturing the more expensive models of the device, it could prove to be the most profitable Apple product ever. Apple is set to post its quarterly earnings report later on today, which will give some indication as to how well the device is doing.

[Via TechnoBuffalo]