This Aussie Uber Driver Is A Clubber’s Dream

uber driver melbourne source Reddit user Sneffy

Uber drivers are usually pretty helpful people, but the work of one of Melbourne’s finest Uber chauffeurs is being celebrated all over the interwebs after he helped a punter who was severely worse for wear get home safely.

Patrick Neff — the punter who told his Uber driver he was “fucked” after attending Melbourne’s Revolver nightclub — has taken to Reddit to share a screenshot (below) of how his driver, Xavier, responded when he drunkenly given the wrong address.

The screenshot proves that good guy Xavier sprang into action, and came to Neff’s rescue outside Revolver.

Speaking with inthemix, Neff has said that Xavier was a true gentleman. “He was a total legend,” Neff said.

“He was not annoyed at all and laughed about how he now knew the route. The fare only cost six dollars too — I live in St Kilda East.”

And so, with one night’s work, Xavier became a clubber’s dream. View his full text conversation with Neff, below, and read CraveOnline’s recent experience with Uber and Lyft drivers that dreams aren’t made of — for balance, of course.

uber driver melbourne source Reddit user Sneffy

Image: Reddit / Sneffy