How to Download iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan Right Now


Public betas of Apple’s iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan are now available to download, allowing early adopters of the new mobile systems to test out the features that will soon become the common standard for Apple devices.

While the betas are still going to have bugs here and there, those who simply cannot wait to make the jump can do so by following these instructions:



Download iOS 9


1. Sign up for the beta program.

Firstly you need to be signed up for the beta program, which you can do right here. You will (obviously) need an Apple ID in order to do so, and you must ensure that you use the same ID of the device you want to access the public beta on. 

2. Install the beta.

Next you must access the beta page using the device you want to run the beta on. 

Scroll through to step two, the iOS section, and press “download profile.” Now the beta will download onto your iPhone, where you’ll be able to find it listed in your Settings app. Go onto your Settings and press the “install” button, before entering your pin in order to confirm the installation.

3. Restart your device.

And that’s it! Now all you have to do is restart your iPhone/iPad.



Download OS X El Capitan


1. Sign up for the beta program.

Like iOS 9, you’re going to need to be signed up for Apple’s beta program in order to access the new operating system. You can do that right here.

2.  Enroll your device.

Click on “Enroll Your Devices” at the top of the page, before scrolling down and clicking on the button reading “Download OS X El Capitan Public Beta.” Make a note of the redemption code once you have done this, as it will now take you to the App Store.

2. Installation.

Enter your redemption code, which will lead to the installer popping up. After you have done this, OS X El Capitan will be installed onto your system. Also, by signing up for the public beta of the operating system, all future updates to the beta will be automatically installed through the Updates section of the App Store.


So there you have it – you’re now a part of Apple’s next wave of operating systems before they’ve officially launched. It goes without saying, but we’d strongly recommend backing up your devices before downloading either iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan, because while the beta is sturdier since its move out of development, there’s still a risk that you could lose your data if any bugs present themselves during your experience with them.