Comic-Con 2015: Street Fighter & G.I. Joe Crossover Comic Coming In 2016

Street Fighter GI Joe

In 1993, Hasbro attempted to revive sales of the G.I. Joe action figure line by introducing repainted and repurposed G.I. Joe figures as characters from Capcom’s Street Fighter 2. Only E. Honda received a custom sculpt, and the resulting figures were derided by Street Fighter fans.

Twenty three years later, Hasbro and Capcom are getting a mulligan. During today’s Street Fighter panel at Comic-Con International, Capcom announced a six issue crossover miniseries which will once again pair Street Fighter and G.I. Joe!

IDW will publish the Street Fighter/G.I. Joe crossover in 2016, presumably in support of the upcoming launch of Street Fighter 5. No story details or creative teams were announced at the panel, but battles between Vega and Storm Shadow; and Cobra Commander and M. Bison were teased.

There a plenty of potential matchups in any Street Fighter and G.I. Joe crossover. Snake-Eyes vs. Ryu. Scarlett vs. Chun Li. Gung-Ho vs. Guile, and so on. Share your Street Fighter vs. G.I. Joe dream matches in the comment section below!

HT: Polygon