Exclusive Preview: Justice League of America # 2

Do you prefer your Superman to be fully empowered? Your Batman to be Bruce Wayne? And your action to be widescreen? Then DC has the Justice League comic for you!

Bryan Hitch has made his return to DC Comics as the writer and the artist of Justice League of America, one of the new ongoing titles in the DC You era. In the first issue of Hitch’s JLA run, a massive armada of alien religious zealots journeyed towards the Earth. While they proclaimed their peaceful intent, something just isn’t quite right.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview from Justice League of America # 2, Superman learns the connection that he shares with these travelers, as he identifies their leader as the Kryptonian God, Rao! But is this truly Rao? And has Superman become his most devoted follower on Earth?!


And now for the first time ever, CraveOnline is exclusively premiering the Francis Manapul variant cover for Justice League of America # 2!


Justice League of America # 2 hits comic book stores this Wednesday, July 8!