Perky Jerky Takes a Man’s Snack Down a Natural Path

jerksYou’d think Jerly – that most masculine of protein stuffed snacks – would come out of its wrapping more or less all natural. But, in this age of hyper-processed foods, manufacturers somehow manage to wedge nasty stuff into something as simple as spiced, dried meat.

The Perky Jerky folks are basing their business on the all natural concept. Whether you try a flavor based on beef or turkey, you’re getting that said simple concept of dried meat and spices. No preservatives. No MSG. No nitrates. It comes in handy, too, as out carb-happy lives these days often leave us looking for protein in our diets. This is a healthier source of snack protein waiting for you in a pouch.

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Flavors range in levels of heat, including “Hot and Bothered” and Sweet Teriyaki. The taste? It’s jerky. It tastes like jerky. It’s fresher than most of the mass market brands, therefore less likely to wrench your bicuspids from your yap on each bite. The taste is cleaner and less artificial than you’ll get from the convenience store. Otherwise, if you’re looking for jerky. you got jerky. 

The only snag I can see for the product is its name. Perky Jerky sounds like a creepy adult cartoon character. But, it’s a better name than the Climax Jerky you can get out in Colorado. Every time I see an ad for that it reminds me of a harsh command an ex-girlfriend would shout at me during that most delicate of moments.