Marvel Teases Dark Turn For Ant-Man after Secret Wars

Ant-Man Preview

To no one’s surprise, the Ant-Man comic will be relaunched after Secret Wars, just a few months after the series came to a premature end to accommodate Marvel’s Secret Wars event.

Writer Nick Spencer and artist Ramon Rosanas will remain with the series, when it relaunches with a new issue 1. But while the first Ant-Man series by Spencer and Rosanas featured the title character, Scott Lang attempting to rebuild his life with his daughter, Cassie, the first cover image by artist Mark Brooks for the new series hints at a darker turn for Ant-Man.

Ant-Man cover 1

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Note that Scott Lang was once a low-level thief before he became Ant-Man. In fact, he only became Ant-Man because he stole the suit from Hank Pym! Surrounding Lang with D-list villains like Grizzly, Whirlwind, the new Beetle, and Porcupine suggests that Lang is running with the wrong crowd in the new series. Grizzly had been working as an employee for Lang’s Ant-Man Security Solutions company, but it seems unlikely that Lang hired the rest of these very unreformed villains.

“We’re hinting at a major development for Scott,” said Spencer while speaking to Hero Complex. “Scott is an ex-con, he’s a guy with a criminal past. This teaser hints that he may not be quite as reformed as we might have thought. This is our first big hint that Scott’s going to find himself back in his old world, back in a criminal life.”

Ant-Man editor Wil Moss also teased that Lang’s darker turn may not be what it seems. “The key thing to take away from the promo images is, if you look at Scott’s hand that he’s holding behind his back, he has his fingers crossed.”

Ant-Man # 1 will be released this fall.