See Apple’s Award-Winning Photo Gallery, All Taken Using an iPhone 6


In order to promote the quality of the iPhone 6’s camera,  Apple set up a campaign titled Shot on iPhone 6 in which users of the smartphone were encouraged to take and submit photographs taken using the device, that would then have the chance to be presented in Apple’s World Gallery and billboards worldwide. It was a clever bit of marketing, and certainly highlighted the strengths of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus camera, with 162 users having their photography showcased in 73 cities in 25 countries.

Now these photographs have won an award, after Apple picked up the top prize in the Outdoor Lions category in the Cannes Grand Prix festival, with chairman Juan Carlos Ortiz branding the campaign a “game changer,” saying: “It’s really opening a new way of doing things and changing behavior.”

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The iPhone 6’s camera is one of its most widely praised features, with it getting the most out of its 8 megapixels by utilizing its iSight functionality, which introduced greater exposure control, better face detection and Focus Pixels, which provide the iPhone 6’s new sensor with more information regarding the image you’re taking in order to provide a better autofocus and a higher level of quality.

Check out some of the very best images featured in Apple’s World Gallery in the slideshow below: