Milan Collections | Moncler Gamme Bleu S/S16

Moncler-1-HeaderIt just wouldn’t be a Thom Browne-designed Moncler show without a sports theme, so this season Gamme Bleu went rowing. Forever the consummate event producer, Thom Browne made sure the audience of editors and fashion’s finest got the idea. Staging included a row boat with tricolor oars and a small gathering of men who emerged and walked into position on the runway wearing uniform blue short shorts, long socks and polos. They carried with them bags which held inside it the contents of the team uniform. As the models took to the stage in pairs, the rowers began to change their clothing. The spectacle challenged the audience’s attention, pulling it between the men dressing mid-runway and the models walking it.

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Fabrications like seersucker and terry cloth played well with the nautical looks and colors of red, white and blue, as well as stripe patterns and bucket hats. Boat shoes completed the ensemble because what would a rowing team be without them. Shown in three distinct categories, team “red, white and blue”, team “muted grey stripe,” and “the exhibitionist” team (since they donned brighter colors) each embodied it’s own allure. Browne even made sequins and cashmere with grosgrain embroidered stripes appear, not only manly, but perfectly modern.


Men in short shorts were a huge focus in the collection and with an athletic physique there’s no denying the confidence  one must have to wear them. One look including short pants and a vests layered with a white button down, striped tie and reversible jacket reminded attendees that this collection is not only functional but very wearable. For a brand known quite well for their puffer jackets, Brown was successful in creating a cool yet elegant combination of athletics, sportsmanship and guys just hanging out doing what men do.

Header image: Catwalking (Getty) / Slideshow: Fashion GPS.