Milan Collections | Missoni S/S16


Missoni’s eye-captivating prints came marching down the runway lined by flower petals for its spring summer 2016 collection. Over twenty patterns were showcased, each were unique and visually appetizing. The use of layering played in favor with showcasing how many prints one person can truly wear.

Prints from the traditional zigzag to colorful plaids were the main attractions of the show. They were incorporated within tailored suits, numerous oversized scarves, sweaters, and more. All though one model may be wearing three patterns they blended effortlessly with the use of a common color scheme.

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The colors within the designs were relatively neutral with olives, ambers, hues of blue, deep reds, and variations of orange. The neutral palate was great for blending patterns together, but seemed to better fit fall then next years’ spring season.

On top of everything, the fashion house included beaded accessories and the popular trend of utility jackets for both formal and casual outfits.

For next spring, expect loud patterns and useful fashion.

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