Marvel Relaunchs Doctor Strange Comic With Jason Aaron & Chris Bachalo

Doctor Strange Preview

This fall, Marvel’s Secret Wars will give way to an All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe. The first two books in the new Marvel Universe are both being written by Brian Michael Bendis: Spider-Man and Invincible Iron Man. Now it’s time for someone else to take the spotlight.

Entertainment Weekly broke the story that Doctor Strange is getting his first ongoing series in 20 years, courtesy of writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Bachalo. The teaser are for the Doctor Strange series also hints at a more action oriented take on Strange than we’ve seen before.

Aaron told EW that he wants to portray “a Doctor Strange who was always having to work for what he gets, and to show that when he shows up and uses his powers, it’s not like Captain America throwing his shield or Thor throwing his hammer. [He] has to worry about repercussions that those other heroes don’t have to worry about, because he’s a Sorcerer Supreme. We’re talking about the forces of magic. So whatever he does has repressions. Any of this stuff with magic, there’s always a cost to it.”

Doctor Strange Marvel

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“I think that’s kind of the only rule of magic we ever really talk about—everything he does, there’s a price to it,” continued Aaron. “So he always has to kind of balance those skills and worry, “if I save the day here, what repercussions will that have for me, or elsewhere in the world? We liked him having to deal with that, and liked him being able to get his hands a little dirty, rather than just having him stand around, waving his hands and saving the day.”

Naturally, this Doctor Strange ongoing series is being timed to give Marvel at least one or two trade paperbacks from the new Doctor Strange comic in book stores by the time that the movie comes out in 2016.

“The story that begins in ‘Doctor Strange’ # 1 is just the beginning,” noted Aaron. “The beginning of one big arc that will really redefine who Doctor Strange is and what his status quo is going forward.”

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