London Bridge Turns Into a Rainbow Road to Brighten Up Commuters’ Monday


Photo: Spark Your City

London Bridge has been given a multi-coloured makeover as part of the Spark Your City movement, brightening up the Monday morning commute for those living in the capital by painting all the colours of the rainbow along its walkway.

Spark Your City aims to turn London’s otherwise ordinary (at least to those living in the city) landmarks into a “living playground” with the intention of brightening up the grey, monotonous trudge to work Londoners would otherwise have to experience on a Monday morning. The end result looks very familiar…

Yup, it seems that London Bridge has been turned into a track from Mario Kart, albeit one with less Karts and more Boris Bikes, and with discarded Pret A Manger sandwich boxes rather than banana peels.


The installation was created by Spark Your City in collaboration with BBC One presenter Gemma Cairney (pictured above), who said that the walkway was part of the movement’s plans to “make people smile on a gloomy Monday morning.” It certainly made Cairney smile; look how bloody happy she is.


Photo: Brett Willis

The bridge, overlooking the murky waters of the Thames, certainly brightened up London for the day, adding a bit of colour into the otherwise drab English “summer” morning. Now all we need is for Spark Your City to bring their paintbrushes to more locations in the UK and maybe we can all forget that the sun has rarely bothered to show its face thus far this summer.