INSPIRED | BTS: Michael Fisher


Think it’s too late to change your life, to take a leap of faith, to choose another path? Think again. Noted wardrobe stylist Michael Fisher never set out to be dressing celebrity clientele – at 17 years old he began working for photographer Annie Leibovitz, and at 28, was a photographer’s archivist. Looking for a new start, he turned his visual inclinations towards personal wardrobes, and utilized his understanding of how to make an impression to do just that. 

[Video] INSPIRED | Style: Michael Fisher

“I think its amazing how a certain jacket or a certain curated wardrobe can change somebody’s career,” says Fisher, whose clients now include Mickey Rourke, James Corden, Jonah Hill, and Paul Rudd. Our team at Crave Studios caught up with Fisher to try and capture as much of his flair and fortitude as possible. 


 One thing we definitely learned – aspirations never end. Despite his success, Fisher keeps challenging himself. His next goal: dressing the president. 

All images by photographer (and Crave creative director) Manuel Donayre.
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