Watch: Beautiful 4K Timelapse of Earth from the International Space Station


Most of the time the Internet is a rabble of awfulness and people arguing with one another, but every once in a while something tremendous pops up that isn’t a cat GIF, and we all consider that maybe this World Wide Web thing isn’t so bad after all. Enter the ISS Symphony, a stunning video edited together Dmitry Pisanko, which takes viewers through a timelapse of Earth as seen from the International Space Station in glorious 4K ultra high-definition.

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Dmitry utilized over 100GB of photos taken by the ISS, mashing them together to create 40 minutes of footage. The Russian photo blogger then edited them down to create just under 4 minutes of highlights, showing the ISS surveying the Aurora Borealis, along with drifting above a thunder storm and jettisoning a satellite.

Watch the video below:

The soundtrack for the video, titled ‘Experience’ and composed by Ludovico Einaudi, was added to the footage after Dmitry had spent three months trying to find the “perfect score.” 

Feel free to clock off early this afternoon, Internet. You’ve excelled yourself today.