COLLECTIONS | E. Tautz – Spring/Summer 2016


British designer Patrick Grant transported the audience back to Britain in the 1950s. A time that seemed to be unappreciated and uniform in male style, Grant uncovered its beauty. The runway was very consistent and many of the looks were replicas of each other, but the colors and patterns made each outfit distinct.

Using mainly greys and blues, the E. Tautz collection was injected with pops of pink, red, maroon, yellow, and teal. These colors were used within gingham and geometric patterns. Parkas and ponchos were statement pieces alongside jumpsuits and utility sports shirts.

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This collection was not only eye catching, but also useful for everyday needs. Large pockets were sewn onto shirts, men wore jumpsuits constructed for both warm and cooler weather, and some strutted in loose fitted trousers.

Apart from the practicality of the clothing, the runway included 3-button blazers and suits. Not only can a man be handy during the day, but he can also be handy in the evening.

If you are looking for clothing that is practical and stylish, E. Tautz should be your next purchase.

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