COLLECTIONS | Maharishi – Spring/Summer 2016


Hardy Blechman, Maharishi’s creative director, effectively mixed contemporary military uniform looks and references to vestments worn by religious devotees in his presentation of the Spring 2016 collection. That may sound a bit odd, but most of the pieces actually worked and were very wearable for the modern, more adventurous man.

When you think of a Buddhist monk, you certainly don’t think of the catwalk, but the flowing robes and palettes that ranged from bright orange to golden brown were definite references to Buddhist devotees and Catholic priests. And just when the feelings of Zen came over the audience, a more military style was introduced. Styles from military snow camp tarpaulins to utilitarian field jackets graces the runway in hues like grey, white, khaki and of course traditional camouflage. It simply wound be a battle without camo, right?

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Nylon track suits, backpacks and hats continued to make a wearable statement and when combined with some of the more creative pieces like hooded robes, wide leg pants and even a camo helmet, somehow it all just seemed to work. The entire collection gave the feeling of a rugged but trend-setting, chic gentleman. One wouldn’t think twice before laying down his coat over a puddle for a damsel-in-distress. Then offering her a quick “Namaste” before sending her on her way.

Maharishi, founded in 1994 has and continues to create environmentally sound, fair trade, utilitarian clothing. The goal is high quality and long lasting looks so the collection has always included the strong natural fiber, hemp, organic cottons, and upcycled military clothing. So, Blechman not only succeeded in making the audience see the staunch difference yet commonality between love and war but with this collection, he also did so with the brand’s signature nod to nature.

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