COLLECTIONS | Sibling – Spring/Summer 2016


Go team go? Sibling’s spring summer 2016 collection featured an interesting lineup, spanning from tailored suits, to Mr. Roger’s apparel, to fairytale jock straps. The brand is known for its humorous and playful designs, and it stood by its roots.

Focusing on the clothes, the craftsmanship and designs were pretty remarkable. Whimsical colors and patterns dominated the runway. They were paired with outrageous accessories like pom-poms, jock straps, and even couture shoulder padding and corsets. This is not something you would see on Blue Mountain State.

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All though this may not be your typical Sunday football attire, these designs showcased different subsets of men: the businessman, the cool guy, and the jock. Just imagine each subset wearing avant-garde clothing to the big game.

In the end, this collection is playful towards the norms that categorize men. Plus having an item or two from Sibling may up your game in the office or on the field.

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