Gallery: Behind the Scenes at BMW Dingolfing Factory


After the international unveiling of its new 7 Series, BMW had a big pile of journalists assembled In Munich with not much to do following the major reveal. So, they packed them all into busses for a special, behind the scenes look at where that new 7 Series will come into the world.

With the BMW international headquarters about an hour away in Munich, Dingolfing is the home of the automaker’s largest manufacturing center. Employing more than 17,500 employees and 800 apprentices, the plant is a small city onto itself — the biggest of BMW Group’s global network of 30 factories in 14 countries. There are actually more people working at the Dingolfing facility every day than live in the actual town of Dingolfing.

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Covering more than four square miles, the Dingolfing plant puts out about 1,600 cars per day, whether 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series or 7 Series, for shipping around the world. Adding all of that up, the facility produced 369,027 vehicles in 2014 (of the more than 1 million rides BMW built last year). That means one in five BMW brand automobiles came out of Dingolfing for the production year.

Photos don’t often sneak out of the pristine factory very often because of proprietary technology and the threat of industrial espionage. So, the gallery you’ll see below offers a rare glimpse of one of the world’s most advance car and SUV production points.