What is it Like to Live Out Your Sexual Fantasy?


We all have our sexual fantasies. Whether they’re the kind that are relatively mundane but that we’re too shy to vocalize to our partners, or that are seemingly so absurd we’d rather take them to our grave than actually tell anyone about them, we each have our own little kinks that mostly remain locked away in our Google search history, safe (we hope) from the prying eyes of our peers.  

But what about the people you got to live out their sexual fantasy? What about those lucky bastards who actually reenacted those scenes they’d previously only witnessed in porn? In an AskReddit thread dedicated to sharing the experiences of those who had successfully managed to make their sexual fantasy a reality, a number of individuals came forward with stories regarding their experiences with playing out their desires. Some inevitably enjoyed their experiences more than others.

Here’s what it’s like to live out your sexual fantasy, as told by Reddit commenters:



One of my biggest fantasies was waking up to getting a BJ. Apparently I just swatted her away and went back to sleep. Not once. Not twice. But 6 times. After that I was lucky if I even got one.”




“I was barely trying out this whole lesbian thing but I didn’t want anyone to know so I went on Craigslist. We met and I casually told her about some role playing and that was that. A couple dates later, she asked me to pick her up and when I came to the door she opened it in a silk robe, leather dominatrix outfit, high heels and whip.

“TL;DR I’m a lesbian now”



“Wanted sex to never be boring and was into sub/dom.

“Have a girlfriend who’s a sub and I have to be the dom. Also she pretends she’s a cat most of the time, sometimes a puppy, and is all around incredibly cute and sexy.

“But I wanted to be the sub sometimes. I can’t take even pretending to punish her. Please… make it stop…”



“Me and my buddy tag teamed a girl once. Not all friends have the kind of friendship where one guy can be fucking her asshole, the other bruising the back of her throat, and look at each other in face, laugh, and high five like idiots.”



“I got a golden shower. It smelled and was gross.”



“Gangbang, I was tied to a bed in a doggy position, 30 guys, the fifth guy made me cum, after that it was just boring slapping and cumming, like, the first five I was panting with joy and the next ones I was just moaning throughout cause I couldn’t cum anymore…

“I’m as gay as a two dollar bill.”



“Sucked my own dick… Pulled muscles in my back. Can’t even bend like that anymore.”

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