Taming Your Facial Mane


Ever since the beginning of human history men have shaved. First with blades, later with electric shavers. However, the question of which method is better isn’t easily answered. Whether one shaves wet or dry is a matter of personal preference and depends on individual expectations and shaving habits.

As man has evolved, so has the importance of facial hair removal. In fact, a man spends about 1,800 hours of his life shaving. That’s a lot of time when you think about it, so it’s certainly a good idea to make shaving a worthwhile experience. Braun says they’ve found the key.

With the new Series 9 shaver (available August 2015), Braun has suposedly created their most efficient and comfortable shaver that shaves in one stroke where others need two. In fact, it’s the only shaver in the world with dual middle trimmers. It took them more than five years to create the new Braun Series 9 shaver utilizing a team of 60 engineers and scientists from 10 different disciplines in the development process. Who knew creating an electric shaver could be so elaborate?

Achieving A Long-lasting Cut

Braun’s breakthrough Series 9 with SyncroSoni Technology was torture tested on 3-day beards, so it’s definitely designed to achieve the perfect shave no matter what state your face is in. It is said to be comfortable on the skin, promote healthy skin and smoothness all while leaving no burning sensation during or after shaving. But what if you’re one of those guys questioning all of this data and research because you have sensitive skin? We feel your pain.

Until a couple of years ago, sensitive skin did not seem to be an issue for men but, as Bob Dylan put it, “The times they are a-changin”. Today, on average more than three out of five men say they have sensitive skin. In fact, 52% of men with sensitive skin say they do not shave as often as they would like to. So, here are three tips to combat that and ease your woes.

  • Apply cold water after shaving
  • Use additional shave care products before or after shaving
  • Shave in the evening rather than in the morning

Or, you could skip shaving all together. The caveman look seems to be really in these days but if that’s not your cup of tea just remember that men have been removing their facial hair for thousands of years and they’ve been using various means to do so. For many men, shaving their facial hair is at the heart of the grooming process and who knows, the Braun Series 9 shaver just might be the key to starting your day.