WWDC 15: Apple Unveils OS X El Capitan


Apple used its WWDC 15 conference in order to unveil Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

The new operating system kicked off the tech giant’s developer conference, with its title an example of Apple continuing the trend of the company’s California-themed Mac OS names. 

Along with continuing with the sleeker, more user-friendly design exhibited in the OS X Yosemite update, Apple highlighted how OS X El Capitan boasts better window management, allowing users to easily work with two windows side-by-side. It looks a little like Windows 8’s snap feature, basically.


Apple also announced that they would be bringing Metal from iOS to the Mac OS, granting the likes of the Macbook an optimized battery life along with the company stating it would be “great for games.” In order to expand upon this claim, Apple brought legendary video game developers Epic Games onto the stage, who highlighted how their upcoming game Fortnite would look on a Mac. Given Apple’s struggle with courting PC gamers, this could prove to be a big deal.

El Capitan is available to developers starting from today, with a public beta landing in July. It will be available to everyone in the Fall.