Hound Voice Assistant App is Embarrassing Siri with How Good it is


When Siri was first released we were all pretty impressed by Apple’s iOS voice assistant. We used it to ask it questions such as “What will the weather be like tomorrow?” and “Where can I hide a dead body?” It was fun, but soon the novelty wore off and now it becomes just another iOS feature that we don’t use, but that we’re glad is there.

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However, SoundHound have now introduced their own voice assistant app Hound, and if an internal demo of the tech is anything to go by, it’ll leave Siri in the dust. A video of the demo has already attracted over 700,000 views since being posted on June 2nd, and everyone is in agreement; if voice assistants worked THIS well, we’d never need to make a Google search again.

The video shows SoundHound Inc. Founder & CEO Keyvan Mohajer offering a demonstration of how rapidly and accurately Hound can deliver information, asking it convoluted questions such as “What is the population and capital for Japan and China and their areas in square miles and square kilometers? And also tell me how many people live in India, and what is the area code for Germany, France and Italy?” with it always delivering an answer. 

Hound has made its way to Android in beta form in the US only, with its iOS rollout coming soon. We’re not sure that Apple will be happy with a voice assistant appearing on its platform that does its best to undermine Siri, and we can only imagine that Apple is eyeing up SoundHound’s development team very carefully right now.