Protect, Upgrade Your Ride with In-Car Gadgets

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Modern cars are so technology packed in a race for your automotive shopping dollar that they do most everything that you’d like them to do. 

In so many cases, there’s no need for add-ons. Stereos are pretty good. There’s power everything. Many models have in-car infortaiment systems making sat nav and other enhancements unnecessary. 

So, we went out and piled up gadgets that come in handy in any car, regardless of what trims level a car might be. They’ll provide thre same useful service to any car, no matter the year of origin.

Cyntur: Essentially a power booster for your car, the Cyntur jumpstarts 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines with 250 amps of starting power to jumpstart a dead battery. The device has a flashlight that’ll strobe to summon help and enough extra power to charge your cellphone via USB port.

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BlueDriver: Our cars are basically mobile computers these days, and the BlueDriver helps you figure out what’s wrong with it. It reads diagnostic trouble codes, “both generic and manufacturer-specific,” displaying their meaning. It includes more than 3000 generic code definitions in the database.

It can clear trouble codes and connects to any Android phone or Windows laptop via a free app.

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Cobra JumPack: This gadget does double duty as a mobile device charger and a car battery booster. The device comes with enough power to jumpstart a dead car or truck battery, even while keeping a smartphone or tablet up and running (cables included).

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EZCharge Car Charger: Car gadgets don’t have to be elaborate to be useful. This dual port 12w USB charger juices Lightning or Micro USB devices. It turns what used to be the cigarette lighter port into something that’ll power up any USB device.

bracketronRoadboost XL: We’re back with the dead battery theme again. The Roadboost XL holds enough of a maintained charge that it will jump-start any car, pickup or SUV. And, that USB prots will keep your phone running in a crisis, too.