BMW Shifts from Cars to Culture with Paris Photo LA


Luxury cars mix well with money and high art, and the culturally minded folks at BMW like to stay in the forefront of the international art scene with events such as the recent Paris Photo LA at Paramount Studios.

To foster emerging international artists, the German automaker sponsors the BMW Residency program. Founded in 2011 by BMW and the Musée Nicéphore Niépce “to support contemporary photography and its diffusion to the public.” This program confirms BMW’s commitment to culture and the arts.

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BMW France offers workspace and practical support for talented art photographers to produce and showcase their work. Through the BMW Residency program, the automaker looks to spread artwork to a worldwide audience possible through different exhibitions, including Paris Photo events in Paris and in Los Angeles.


The most recent artists in residency were Elise Mazac (alias Mazaccio )and Robert Drowilal. According to BMW, they became a photography team in 2006 when “they realized their shared understanding of and appreciation for Conceptual art, cinema, and American and Japanese photography.”

They work debuted last week at a specially devoted soundstage on the Paramount Studios lot in on Melrose Aveniue in Hollywood. BMW hosted a special reception to introduce the exhibition for art enthusiasts and media.


During their residency, the photography team produced their current exhibit, “Antépisode.” The French translation for prequel, their project “investigates the roots of IT and digital companies in Silicon Valley. It focuses on the materiality of these physical environments wherein the intangible lines of code, which changed the face of our world today, were born.”

Now that the Paris Photos LA show is in the books, aspiring photographers can learn more about future programs from BMW Culture.