Spring, Summer Skin Care for Your Tough Man Face


Unless he’s the hopeless metrosexual type buried somewhere in gentrified Brooklyn or that Lumberjack Chic clown skulking ponderously about the streets os Los Feliz, the average man (at least the man you’d want to sit down with over a beer) doesn’t worry too much about skin care.

Hopefully, said man concerns himself with grooming as that’s a basic expectation of an adult male. But, the finer points of taking care of his face and overall epidermis probably rank behind Zumba Lessons and attending a 50 Shades of Gray Discussion Group on his list of priorities.

That’s not good because this is the era of men remaining single longer, marrying more than once and generally trying to stay active with the ladies past what used to be union retirement age for our fathers. To do that, a guy really has to take care of his face unless he wants to look like a saddle bag with eyes be the age of 50. In short we all need to moisturize.

So, we collected a selection of male-centric skin care products and services that you can access online direct to your home so you don’t have to hit the mall buying lotions and creams — while holding a funeral service for your masculinity in the back of your mind.


ManCave Natural Grooming: Not only do men not enjoy shopping for skin care products, they often don’t know exactly what kind and how man products they should consider. Starting around $55, the ManCave kits include collections of all the essential products a man could need to manage basic, all-skin care.


J. Paul Shave Care Travel SetJ. Paul 2 in 1 Travel Razor: Some hotels offer elite skin care products in suite bathrooms, but many keep it basic with little soaps and shampoos. Those run of the mill cleaners can dry out your skin faster than the sun and wind you’re fending off most of the day.

These compact offerings from J. Paul have your face’s back — which would be the back of your head, if we’re honest — when you’re out on the road. The Shave Care Travel Set includes everything from a Pre-Shave Scrub to Ice After Shave in one easily transportable kit. The 2 in 1 Razors have a quality multi-blade business end for a close shave with a tiny Glide Shave Cream pump at the end of the handle.

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Harry’s Shave Products: With kits starting around $15, Harry’s Shave Products (top) will deliver razors, shave cream, facial moisturizers and other products straight to you via affordable mail order. While that concept isn’t unique in the guy’s grooming business, what will strike you about Harry’s is the high quality of its razors and supplies. The same gear in stores would easily cost twice what you pay here.


Real Men Go24-7: These are for real men. It says so right on the label. So, there.

With individual grooming products starting around $16 per bottle, Go24-7 focuses on Hair, Face and Skin, Body and Essentials. In general, these are products for the more serious male groomer. A perusal of their sales pages reveal plenty of 20-something male models looking all pensive and introspective with perfect skin and tiny hurricane curls along their hairlines. If you want to put a little extra time and attitude into your skincare needs, give Real Mean a look.


Z Skin Systems: While the other entrants in this exploration concern themselves with the exterior of a man’s grooming needs, products from Z go under the service and look to build healthy skin from the inside out with vitamins and other supplements. The Z regimens still keep the skin clean, moist and nourished, but they look to balance internal health and chemistry to give the flesh a good foundation. If you’re the holistic type and you’re not pounding a lot of supplements already, Z offers a comprehensive approach.