Head Check: Hats For The High Desert

HATS-PAnelIf you’re heading to Coachella this weekend, you are literally desert bound. Your GPS is going to take you straight into Palm Desert, California, and it’s going to feel like a fiery hell. While temps for the first weekend are forecasted in their 80s (doesn’t sound too bad, right?), springtime in this region usually means cloudless skies, and hot, dry temperatures. Looking for some shade? It definitely does not exist in front of the MainStage.

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Don’t let all that sunshine come at a cost to your skin and health because it’s easily preventable: wear a hat and slap on some sunscreen. Don’t want to rock that well-brimmed, dirt stained, worn out sports cap you picked up 10 years ago? Yeah, we don’t support that decision either. Instead, invest. It’s a whopping $40 max, promise. And we can help guide you in finding the right hat style for you.