Watch: The Most Awkward Date Was Recorded with Google Glass


The Google Glass as we know it may be on its way out, but those who plumped down money for the now-discontinued first model of the wearable are still finding ways to make use of it. The Guardian has perhaps discovered the most outright embarrassing use of the tech in a social situation, having two complete strangers wear the device whilst on a blind date together.

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The video sees Sarah, a 29-year-old PR worker, and Ian, an “almost” 30-year-old digital marketer, head to an Indian restaurant in London with the eyewear in tow, where they exchanged common pleasantries such as discussing the benefits of keeping leftover curry in a bin bag and the pros/cons of certain footwear. Needless to say, it’s almost unbearable.

It’s quite astonishing that Sarah thought a second date with Ian would be a good idea, considering that Ian appears to be the type of fellow that would make me gouge out my eyes in order to not have to spend 10 minutes with him. He looks like the kind of man who would talk really loudly on his smartphone whilst on the tube, attempting to inform the other passengers of just how important he is by forcing them to listen to his conversation.

I have no idea what Sarah found attractive about Ian – perhaps it was his complete lack of interest in her life? His ability to not sound like a “real person”, as Sarah put it? Perhaps we’ve all been handling this dating situation in the wrong way, and the key is to appear as self-consumed and loathsome as possible.