This is What Game of Thrones’ Dragons Looks Like Before CGI is Added


This may perhaps ruin the magic of Game of Thrones for its fans, but those dragons you see in the show? Yeah, they’re not real – shocking, right? In fact, before CGI effects are added into the show in its production stages, they look almost exactly like those q-tip sticks used in the Gladiators TV show. 

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A new behind-the-scenes video uploaded by Pixomondo, the visual effects company that works on the hugely popular HBO show, has highlighted how Daenerys Targaryen’s faithful dragons are implemented in the show with computer effects, and the results are quite eye-opening.



The video also displays how the show’s scenery is combined with the CGI dragons, essentially spoiling the wonder of Game of Thrones for all of its fans. Fun!

Take a look at the “dragons” before and after they’re plastered with layers of CGI in the video below: