Vote: What Do You Want From Your Smartphone?


This year is a big year for the smartphone market. After Apple revealed that it had achieved record-breaking sales in the last financial quarter of 2014 thanks to the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there is now more pressure on the likes of Samsung and HTC than ever before to provide devices that will challenge the king to its place on the throne. 

The smartphone industry is always trying to think one step ahead of the consumer when it comes to knowing what they want. Firstly there was a focus placed upon delivering phones with smaller displays which, thanks to the likes of Samsung and its Galaxy series, promptly changed to a focus upon creating devices with larger, higher quality displays. Now that the iPhone 6 Plus has trumped every competitor in this department, it seems likely that Samsung will be fighting back by introducing “the curve” to its flagship series, technology that has already gone down well in the TV market.

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On the other hand, HTC has been quietly refining all of the features implemented by its competitors in their smartphones, delivering one of the greatest devices in the past few years in the form of the underrated HTC One, before following it up with the equally impressive HTC One M8, and now looking towards the future with the inevitable HTC One M9.

This is all without even mentioning the likes of veterans Nokia, who are still suffering with image issues though remain hard at work in providing alternatives to the major players, and Windows, who will be entering into the smartphone race with more power than ever following the launch of Windows 10, an operating system which promises to enhance the Windows ecosystem, bringing Apple-esque parity to its family of supported devices.

With so many big strides being made in the smartphone market, though, the actual wants of the consumer are often overlooked in favor of providing you with features that the likes of Apple, Samsung & co. assume you want. So what is it that you actually want from your smartphones?

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