Sydney’s Monorail Can Be Had On Gumtree

Sydney Monorail Completes Last Laps

Carriages from the now defunct Sydney monorail can be found on Gumtree.

Following 25 years of patrolling the Sydney skylines, the monorail carriages are selling for a cool $3,000 on classifieds website Gumtree with the advert poster threatening to send it to the scrap metal heap if they’re not sold.

“The Sydney Monorail carriages are now offered for sale very cheap,” the Gumtree ad reads.

“Otherwise will sold for scrap.”

“Use them for anything you like. Good for many things.”

Google’s Sydney offices in Pyrmont forked out a reported $25,000 for a couple of carriages in October 2013, two months after the monorail’s route between Darling Harbour, China Town and the city’s shopping and business districts was closed for good. The company then paid as much as $250,000 to have the carriages installed within its Google office area.

“This is a Sydney icon and I don’t want it mashed up and thrown in with the scrap metal,” Gumtree poster Harry Tsoukalas told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Tsoukalas is manager of Metropolitan Demolitions second-hand sales department and doesn’t want to see an old Sydney icon hit the scrap metal yard.

“It’s very upsetting. When you know the history, it’s so difficult for me to see that going to scrap metal,” he said.

“It’s been part of our city for so many years.”

Sydney’s monorail was launched in 1988 and possesses expert Swiss engineering so good that the transportation mode could be restored and put back to work with little effort.

Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images.