A Sydney Space-Themed Cat Café Is On The Way

Cat Cafe (Getty)

If you’re the type who best enjoys a flat white in the presence of the purr-fect companion, then this year’s launch of Sydney’s first cat café is definitely up your alley.

Sydney is set to join a growing list of international cities with cat cafés, including Osaka, Dublin, Munich and Melbourne, however Catmosphere might have the most interesting concept yet.

With cat cafés sprouting up all over the place, Catmosphere is adding a unique twist to its feline-infused dining experience- a space-themed interior.

“This July, Sydney’s aspiring astronauts and cat-lovers need look no further than their own city for a place to unite their passions,” the Catmosphere website says. “Sydney’s first and only space themed Cat Café is landing in our CBD. Catmosphere is a tribute and a home to brave astro-cats returning to Earth with many a tale of outer space adventures in galaxies far far away.”

“Catmosphere’s domesticates have resolutely dedicated their past lives to space exploration and are back to basking in the Earth’s glorious oxygenated biosphere where any and all Homo sapiens who wish to enjoy their company will be able to enjoy quality locally brewed coffee and a mouth-watering seasonal menu.”

Catmosphere launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo earlier this week in hopes of raising $35,000. Donation perks include ‘Coffee & Cookies with the Cats’ or 10-session Catmosphere Space Passports. If you’re feeling extra generous there’s also the option to join the two people to have already forked out $1000 to sponsor a Space Cat.

Melbourne welcomed its first cat café last July, adopting a number of furry attractions from a local animal shelter and becoming an instant hit after selling bookable cat sessions for $10 an hour.

Check out the official Catmosphere website or visit the crowdfunding page at Indiegogo.   

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