Samsung Galaxy S6 Promo Hints at Curved Screen, Likely Release Date Revealed


Prior to the record-breaking release of the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung was making great strides in catching up to Apple with its Galaxy series of flagship smartphones. However, the main draw of the devices were arguably their larger displays, something which late Apple CEO Steve Jobs vehemently denied would be the future of the smartphone. 

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Since Jobs’ passing Apple has backtracked on those comments, with its latest releases in the iPhone series boasting huge, phablet screens, which have firmly stamped on Samsung’s toes and left the company with no certain direction when it comes to their upcoming S6. Now a new piece of promotional art for the announcement of the device has suggested that Samsung are going down a brand new path for their next flagship… a much curvier direction.


The tech industry and “the curve.”

If you followed the events of CES 2015, then you know that the tech industry at large is obsessed with “the curve.” TV sets now boast curved screens, as do PC monitors, and while other manufacturers have certainly attempted to bring the curve to smartphones, there hasn’t really been a successful curved model yet. If this promo material is anything to go by, which depicts a curved metallic line above the words “WHAT’S NEXT,” then it seems that Samsung is entering its dog into the race, and the S6 could well be the first successful curved smartphone.

Given Apple’s new focus upon larger screens with greater clarity and pixel quality, Samsung certainly needs to explore new territory with its next Galaxy phone if it wants to be seen as a true competitor once again, especially following the news that Apple pulled in the most profitable financial quarter of any company in history off the back of its iPhone 6 release. It seems that “something” will be a curved screen similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 will likely feature a curved screen similar to the Galaxy Note Edge.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 released to disappointing sales, leading to Samsung revealing that their company profits were down from the year before. With that being said, they’ll be looking to hit a home run with the S6, and the company’s Galaxy Unpacked 2015 event is where they’ll be seeking to stage it.


Galaxy Unpacked 2015

Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event was revealed to be taking place on March 1st at 12:30PM ET (6:30PM CET) in Barcelona, ahead of Mobile World Congress. Write that date down in your diaries, because that’s also when HTC is set to unveil its own flagship phone, which many are touting to be the greatest competitor to the iPhone 6 in terms of performance given the quality of the company’s HTC One series.

Unfortunately, Samsung has no plans to stage an Unpacked event in the US, with it instead being livestreamed to international audiences on Samsung Mobile’s YouTube page, which you can access right here.

We’ll be here with all the news coming out of the event in March.