Cadbury Cutting Back On Chocolate Blocks


Many turn to chocolate in times of need, but the latest news out of Cadbury Headquarters may leave thousands of Australians feeling purple after the iconic chocolate maker announced a plan to reduce standard 220g blocks of chocolate by 10 percent.

Claiming to be under the “squeeze of increasing costs” in part due to shortages of cocoa supplies out of Africa, Cadbury is downsizing the traditional Diary Milk variant and all of its friends without reducing the $4.99 self-price.

“(Cadbury has) reached a point where we can no longer absorb these increasing costs into the price of our chocolate blocks … we chose to keep Cadbury chocolate affordable for families across Australia and reduce our family blocks by one row”.

“We have to kind of be real about that,” managing director of Australasia for Cadbury parent company Mondelez International, Amanda Banfield, said. “Clearly any chocolate lover is going to be a bit disappointed”.

It’s not the first time the English company has made significant size changes- Cadbury slashed the size of 250g blocks down to 200g in 2009 before bumping them back up to the more recent 220g size in 2013.

The smaller sized blocks will become a supermarket regular later this month.

Photo: Facebook.