Embarrassing Video Aims to Convince Students to Stop Having House Parties


Young people enjoying themselves? How dare they! Get back to work!

There are two reasons why people go to university:

  1. To get an education that will be recognised by potential future employers.
  2. To meet new people and to socialise.

For many, the second reason will be their primary reason, given that an increasing number of students venture to uni without a basic idea of what they want to do for the rest of their lives career-wise. With youth unemployment ever increasing and there being a considerable lack of options available to the inexperienced, university serves as the perfect stop-gap between adolescence and the terror of the “real world”, i.e. the world which will see you piling in 40+ hours per week at a job you hate, earning money that barely supports you.

When you take all these factors into account, then, this video from the Manchester Metropolitan University’s union, featuring a selection of people complaining about noise problems and a student dressed like Prince for some reason, is a little condescending.


The Student Formerly Known as Prince.

“They don’t care that this is affecting my health,” says some old sod in a dressing gown who apparently never considered that living in a student area may perhaps lead to a few sleepless nights. He’s right, of course, because they don’t care about him; they’re young, have few job options and are going to spend much of the rest of their lives suffering for the mistakes this old duffer’s generation have made. 

Students get a raw deal in general when it comes to public perception, with them often being portrayed as work shy binge-drinkers, and this video produced by the Manchester uni itself, along with the help of some willing students who you’d have to believe don’t get invited to very many parties, doesn’t serve to do anything but perpetuate that unfortunate stereotype.