This Has Been Voted Britain’s Best Breakfast


This deconstructed full English breakfast from London-based restaurant Bunnychow has been handed the UK’s Best Breakfast award as part of National Breakfast Week.

The “Full English Breakfast Bunny” is served in an individually baked brioche loaf, hollowed and stuffed with sausage, and contains tomatoes, lean bacon strips, mushrooms, spicy baked beans, traditional black pudding and an egg for good measure. Our mouths are watering simply from looking at this beast.

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The restaurant, which can be found on London’s Wardour Street, sells all of its food items in “bowls” made out of hollowed loaves, but its breakfast tops the lot with its unique take on the quintessentially British meal.


Following their acceptance of the award, which was given to Bunnychow CEO Atholl Milton, Bunnychow are now staging a 2-for-1 offer on the breakfast until January 31st. 

We could certainly thing of worse ways to start the day than getting our teeth around one of these.